Will the tech wars never cease?

Cribsheets are starting again....

Oct 2015: Akka notes

Aug 2015: Scala notes - well its this or Python.

May 2015: Architecture: 3 tier for fun in Spring 2015, what I have chosen.

2013- 2015: Cassandra 2.0 and DataStax diver

May 2014: Git on Mint (because git server on windows never quite works)

December 2013: new project using Maven, Eclipse and Git on Windows PC and Laptop

September 2013: Attempt at running a Git Daemon on windows.

September 2013: JSF notes...did not get very far because its horrible.

June 2013: Hadoop 2.0 install commands

March 2013: Ubuntu for java dev, in the VirtualBox

March 2013: Git cribsheet

March 2013: Maven cribsheet